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Do you have a blocked toilet drain, blocked sewer drain or a blocked sink drain? It makes no difference to us, as the blocked drains team at Port Plumbing have the expertise, experience and the equipment to take on any blocked drain job, no matter how small or large. All our vans are  fitted with everything we could possibly need (including Electric Drain Cleaners, Hydro Jets etc.), while each plumber goes through extensive training to accurately assess and fix every blocked drains job they might  face.

Blocked Drains Service at Port Plumbing

Blocked Drains – Causes, Prevention and Solution

An worrying condition usually experienced in various homes is the issue of blocked drains. This unfortunate occurrence disrupts the normal activities around your home. As this happens, you get to notice that gullies start to overflow and the toilet wastes refuse to go down when they are flushed; this is usually associated with emitting a foul smell. With the right equipment and expertise, this situation can be managed effectively.

We at portadelaideplumbing.com are the experts that guarantee efficient and effective plumbing solutions. With well over a decade of unblemished reputation, we are the most sought after plumbing professionals for household, industries and businesses. Be it blocked drains, clogged drains, hot water system repairs or installation, pipe leaks and others, we are here to set them right. Read further for more insights about our services.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

Blocked Drainage has been associated with a lot of causes. Flushing objects down the toilet (this is usually associated with kids); grease and fat is one of the ways our drains are blocked. Sometimes when we want to get rid of these kinds of liquid, the drain is where it is usually done. This ought not to be so, and even if we must pour oils down the drain, it should be accompanied with hot water so that it does not build up. Plants too, play a part in drain blockage: when their root system is in search of water, it could walk its way to the drain, putting pressure on the sewage pipeline which will eventually crack. Also, a lot of leaves which accumulate overtime along the drainage system can cause blockage.  

Blocked Drains Prevention Methodspipe blocked

There are several things that one can do in order to prevent the occurrence of clogging in the sewage pipeline. Importantly, is to ensure that caution is employed in what is allowed to go down the drain and also what lies around it. Ensure that objects and toiletries like sanitary pads and cotton wool are not disposed in the toilets; it doesn’t matter whether they are new toilets or not. Another important point to note is the avoidance of leaves and debris around your premises.  

Blocked Drain Solutionsthe professional methods used

In the event of any drainage getting blocked, there are basically two main methods for cleaning it up, and they are:  

High Pressure Water Jetting

This is like the fastest and quickest way of getting rid of blocked drains. It is the most effective way to clean up any mess in your drains. When a continuous jet of water is evoked into the pipe, this helps in blasting away all sorts of debris and blockages, which will eventually be expelled out of the pipe.  

Electro-Mechanical Cleaning

This method is usually for smaller bore pipes; like sinks and toilets. Here, a flexible rod is forced into the pipework and as this is done, certain blockages are gradually removed. In some cases, you may fit certain attachments on to the end of the rod, to scrape or cut away debris. This is ideal for the removal of hard debris like roots, compacted leaves, twigs and other foreign objects.

Blocked drains are considered one of the main problems with home owners these days. They occur as a result of deposits of large objects or small ones gradually building up over time, into our drains. This gradually reduces the efficiency of drains and eventually causes a blockage.

In the event where you are unable to avoid the occurrence of a blocked drain, after trying to use the various DIY blocked drain equipment, it is advisable not to insist on fixing the problem yourself, but to get help from the nearest plumbing repair service around. Where a drain has cracked due to neglecting the issue it may be necessary to  perform repairs to the pipe. This is because a professional plumbing service can solve the problem, find other problems that haven’t manifested yet, and provide effective solutions for you to manage and avoid the situation again.

This is where our experts will help you with their latest equipment and knowledge. Do not try getting rid of blocked drains by yourself; this may actually cost you more. We have been in this business for more than 20 years and understand how to deal with dire situations. Call the experts and let us deal with all your plumbing problems at affordable pricing.