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No Hot Water? Hot water system not working? No Worries!

Professionals from Port Plumbing are at the ready, should you ever find yourself without hot water for any reason. hot water service at port plumbingWe’ve gone out of our way to make sure all our fully qualified, licensed experts have everything they need, including the skills, experience, tools and spare parts to be able to carry out any repair or replacement you might need.

We have experts available all over Adelaide, so you can rely on us to get your water heater up and running in no time at all, no matter what the situation is. Your plumbing issues are no match for our professionals! The best possible hot water service is now at your disposal.

We supply all types of hot water systems:

  • Gasgas hot water

Instant Gas hot water provides hot water only when a tap is opened, heating only the quantity of water required. These are economical to install and run and provide many years of trouble free service.

Gas Storage hot water heats an insulated tank of water, ready for when it is needed.

  • Solar 

If you are looking for a more environmentally-friendly option, then we can provide you with solar hot solar hot waterwater systems. These not only help in reducing your usage of energy, but can also bring down carbon emissions over time. In addition, if you pair it up with an electric or gas booster, then you will be able to keep your water warm even when the sun is not shining. Relatively expensive to purchase initially, they pay for themselves by providing free hot water from the sun.

  • Heat pump

A heat pump is considered to be a reverse refrigerator. The outside air is used to heat the water. These are very economical to operate.heat pump hot water

  • Electric systems

Where gas is not available and solar is not an option due to shading from trees or nearby buildings, replacing an existing electric hot water system may be the best option. We can repair or replace these units normally within 24 hours.