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Plumbing Repair – How to Tackle Leaking Pipes in Your Homepipe repairs at port plumbing

Leaking pipes are one of the problems in the home that should always require immediate attention. These leaks can be very unnerving when discovered, but the moment they are, effort should be made towards repair. This is because when left untouched, it can lead to great damage of the general structure of the house. Apart from the damage they will cause you, if leaks are not fixed as soon as they are discovered, overtime, the problem develops and results in you emptying your wallet for additional repair. This can happen for example when a drain has become blocked and the pipe needs to be replaced.

Get the experts to fix your plumbing problems like broken pipes or leaking pipes. We at Port Adelaide Plumbing & Gasfitting are a team of highly qualified professionals with over a decade of experience in the plumbing line. We can handle any plumbing scenario and pride ourselves in giving plumbing solutions at affordable pricing. We are always available and are well known to handle emergency situations efficiently. Read further to learn more about our services.

Finding Hidden Pipe Leaks in Your House

Sometimes leaks in the pipes are difficult to be seen, and this can be a real problem. Usually, a sign that you have a leak problem is when you discover a water stain on your ceiling or settling around a low area. The first place to begin your search is the kitchen and bathroom as these are the two sources of water inside your house.leaking pipe

If you notice any spongy feel in the wall of your kitchen or bathroom, or growing mildew or mold on checking the grout of your tiles, this is a pointer to the fact that there is a broken pipe somewhere. Another method you can employ in order to find leaking pipes is rocking the toilet bowl. This bowl is supposed to be firmly placed on your bathroom flooring; but if you discover that it is moving, it is evidence that there is a problem somewhere.  

DIY Pipe Leak Repair

One way to approach the issue of a leaking pipe is doing it yourself. This is usually a temporary solution while waiting for the arrival of a professional repair service. Once you have taken the first step towards your plumbing repair which is locating the leak (after checking the individual fixtures connected to the sources), the next step will be to seal it with tape. These tapes are usually silicone based and are designed to weather all elements and stop the leak.

There are some leaks that might require you to replace the affected part immediately, especially when it has to do with PVC pipes. This is not complicated; all you have to do is cut off the broken piece and replace it with another one and secure by couplings. This is can be achieved in no time and it does not require any expertise. But there is always a danger of things going against you and that is why it is best to let the experts like us handle the situation. We not only arrest the problem, we will also prevent it from occurring again.

Get Professional Help  

burst pipe

There are also certain pipe repair problems that you might not be able to handle; this is where you need to put a call across to a plumbing contractor. Ensure to give immediate attention to any discovered pipe leaks and try out an emergency or DIY fix in the interim. If the problem still persists, don’t hesitate to call a professional. The sooner you solve your leak problems (so that it won’t cause bigger problem in the future) the less it will cost you.

There is absolutely no fun when it comes to dealing with leaking pipes, no matter the circumstance. However, this is something you need to anticipate and expect from time to time and be able to control the situation when it arises, at least until a professional repair arrives.

We understand how frustrating a leaking pipe can be, causing current and future problems as well. We at Adelaide Plumbing can detect the cause of the leak, replace or repair it and prevent it from further issues. Call us for all your plumbing needs and our experts are waiting to handle your emergency in the quickest manner possible.